Strong Manufacturing Capabilities

12 production lines have been put into use, with monthly production capacity exceeding 1KK PCS and annual production capacity exceeding 12KK PCS.
The scientific JIT manufacturing method ensures high efficiency in production and reduces manufacturing costs at each stage.
The strictly required dust-free manufacturing workshops reduce the defect rate of production.

  • Equipments

  • Materials

  • Method

  • Manpower

  • Environmental

The Entire Manufacturing Process

The Entire Manufacturing Process

PCBA Testing Automation

Automatic Silo: realize tray sorting, moving and closing.

Vision Module: Determine Product Position.

Handling Module: moving the products to be tested to the transfer module through visual guidance, and transferring the qualified products from the transfer module to the tray.

The four-axis robotic transfer module sequentially transfers the products to be tested to each test tool for testing. After the test is completed, the qualified product is transferred to the transfer module, and the non-conforming product (NG product) is transferred to the NG product loading level.


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