MaituFit Company Profile

Shenzhen MaiTu Technology Co., Ltd. also known as MaituFit, is an innovative high-tech company which integrates R&D, production and sales. MaituFit aims to bring design to life and dedicates to make healthier, more fashionable and more refined life by providing well designed, fine quality, easy-to-operate smart wearable devices to customers worldwide. Its self-owned brand MaituFit is becoming more and more popular among customers and gradually making influence on the international market.

Benefited from the powerful R&D team, MaituFit has gained more than 150 invention patents and technology patents at home and abroad. In the future, MaituFit will bring more eminent new products to the market.
Standardized production lines are operating under ISO9001 quality management system and the 8S (SEIRI, SEITON, SEISO, SEIKETSU, SHITSUKE, SAFETY, SAVE, STUDY) system, which ensure a stable monthly capability of 250,000pcs. And more production lines are preparing to be built to meet the growing market requirements.

Self-owned testing lab and strict product quality control make sure all products are 100% qualified before leaving the factory. And all of the products must have CE, RoHS, FCC and UKCA certificates issued by a 3rd party authority - SGS.

Fast delivery and timely after-sales service are also the substantial foundation of global market expansion. Our products were sold to more than 30 countries and regions such as Europe, America, Australia, Asia Pacific, Africa, etc. And our goal is to make our products cover more than 200 countries around the world.

With our business philosophy "quality comes first, innovation comes first, efficiency comes first, service comes first", we are ready to pursuit for the better and challenge the limit.

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  • 1200+ staff

  • 300 engineers

  • 1.5KK+ PCS/M
    Production Capacity

  • 12+
    production lines

  • Our Vision

    Strive to become a leader in the smart wear industry, to bring betterquality products to our customers, for global consumers can enjoy the convenience and fun of technology products.

  • Team Values

    A group of mamba spirit people come together to do a meaningful thing.

  • Enterprise Purpose

    Customer first, quality first, innovation based, trust makes everything simple, focus on long-term value.

Brand Story

Early-stage of business development(P1)

In 1999, a young man from the Chaoshan area of Guangdong joined the global electronics distribution center Huaqiangbei in the spring breeze of reform and opening up. He was attracted by the unlimited development potential of the electronics industry in the future. He has been enthusiastic about electronic components for more than 20 years.

In 2002, the start-up team devoted themselves to the mobile phone industry and led a group of friends around who were passionate about mobile phone circuit design and electronic component principles to start the exploration of mobile products together. At first they opened a mobile phone repair shop, then started a mobile phone store in 2005 and finally earned his first pot of gold after numerous challenges.

In 2008, the competition in the mobile phone industry in Huaqiangbei was very fierce. In order to be able to make a name in the global electronics distribution center, the start-up team began to innovate and develop smartphones independently and introduced a large number of excellent technical talents in the electronics industry.

Team growth, brand start-up(P2)

After three years of accumulation in 2012, the company started its own mobile phone brand and started to operate a cross-border e-commerce business. The team has grown from a company of a dozen people to a company of a certain size with dozens of people. In order to speed up the company's growth, the company continues to invest in research and development of new products, especially after a wireless walkie-talkie phone case that the company has put in a lot of effort into the market, there is a big discrepancy with expectations. At this time, the company found that product development must be based on user needs. Working behind closed doors isn't the right way.

In 2014, the team turns matured. After many thoughts collisions, it was predicted that smart interconnection would be the development direction of the new era in the future, and it began to transform the field of smart wearable devices. Initiate Huaqiang's successful transformation model and build the development of emerging industrial chains. At the same time, the smart wearable brand MaituFit was established.

In the process of developing smart wearable devices, the company team still insists on independent innovation and continuous optimization of user experience. In order to be able to catch up with outstanding technology companies and to attract outstanding technology talents, the company moved from Huaqiangbei to Nanshan Science and Technology Park. In addition, a large amount of funds has been invested in research and development, supply chain development, patent protection, screen technology, and factory optimization, and strives to expand more global markets with better brands and products. At present, the annual sales of MaituFit products exceed 30 million units.

Brand upgrade P3

In the design of smart wearable products, the company follows that each product should have a unique temperament and personality, and pursue distinctive features in product details, craftsmanship and appearance design, which can become the best wearable essentials to convey the user's temperament.

MaituFit has developed customizable exclusive APP software for smart watches, and independently researches and develops core algorithms for pedometer, sleep, heart rate, blood oxygen, and other technologies. Whether you are in sports or in a business or social environment, you can always keep track of your body data.

In the process of brand development, MaituFit took the lead in making industry innovations, independently developed smart watch screens, and invested funds for research and development upgrades, and developed the industry's first 1.72-size full-screen display. After receiving good market feedback, it has successively developed 1.87-size screens. Wait for many kinds of screens, and have put into production many kinds of products to use.

In the core component chip part of the smart watch, the company independently innovated, developed two own chips ATK8910 and ATK8920, and developed its own heart rate sensor BD1662 in the watch sensor part, which can greatly ensure the stability of our products. The smooth use of the screen is something that only the first-tier brands like Apple and Samsung will do.

At present, MaituFit's own APP, smart watch screens, and self-developed chips have been applied to many hot-selling products on the market. Currently, it has business in more than 30 countries and regions around the world, including Asia, Europe, America, and Africa. The company will also continue to invest in the independent innovation and appearance design of smart wearable devices, and continue to provide high-quality products and services to customers around the world.

In the future, MaituFit's smart wearable products are bond to become a fashion proposition for young people in all regions of the world. MaituFit will always keep an open door and welcome everyone to join.



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