MaituFit is an all-day health monitoring platform, which can not only help you set up a watch but also record your various data by detecting your health or monitoring your status during exercises. After analyzing all sources of data, the app MaituFit will conduct a comprehensive analysis of your body condition, allowing you to get to know your health condition anytime.

With the data on health and exercises in your hands, you would probably be inspired to fall in love with sports and start an active lifestyle.

  • Compatible with multiple smart devices

    The app MaituFit is compatible with numerous devices such as smart watches, smart bracelets, sports watches, and so on, and it can be used in both Android and iOS systems.

  • All-day fitness monitoring records every exercise

    MaituFit supports data recording for all sorts of sports such as running, cycling, walking, and so on. The app can provide guidance for sports and the analysis of fitness training, making your exercises more scientific and effective.

  • Intimate sleep butler

    MaituFit gives users an in-depth analysis of various factors affecting sleep quality and offers suggestions for improvement.

  • Comprehensive assessment of the physical condition

    After some effective settings in the app MaituFit, MaituFit smart devices can monitor users' health, reminding users to maintain their health in a good condition, meanwhile, they can identify risks affecting physical health in advance.

  • Rich personal reminders

    The combination of MaituFit and MaituFit smart devices can provide users with rich personal reminders like vibrational alarm clocks, incoming calling, text messages, apps notification, sedentary reminders, and so on.

  • More fun awaits

    There are more surprises in the app MaituFit waiting for your exploration.


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